The company has expert knowledge of the market

Property and
Facility Management

Bourgeois Patrimonis designs and implements a property management and investment strategy with the aim of achieving previously agreed objectives in accordance with the customer’s profile.

Primary objectives

Legal and

financial advice

Due to the complicated legal fabric that affects this type of management, the company has professionals who are highly qualified to be able to attend to any kind of contract, whether rent-controlled contracts (before the LAU, the Law for Urban Rents of 1994), contracts affected by the “Boyer Law” or contracts signed from 1 January 1995, as well as new drafts from the modification of the law in 2013.

The company also deals with tax matters that may affect these types of contracts providing all the advice required to the owner.

Bourgeois Fincas can address the needs of all types of customers
from an owner with an apartment, through to complete buildings with all characteristics of service controls, employees, suppliers, etc
  • Blocks of apartments
  • Business premises
  • Parking spaces
  • Industrial buildings
  • Etc…
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